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English Conversation With Tamil Meaning Pdf




Tamil Language Pdf, Conversational English Pdf.Tamil Meaning Pdf.Conversational English With Tamil Meaning Pdf Spoken english with tamil meaning This content is provided “as is” and neither the authors nor the companies mentioned.Gastrointestinal manifestations of brucellosis. Brucellosis may present with a wide spectrum of symptoms. Because of its similarity to other acute or chronic systemic disorders, the diagnosis of this entity is difficult. We report 2 cases of brucellosis with gastrointestinal complications and review the literature. Gastrointestinal manifestations of brucellosis are common. Patients with abdominal pain, fever, and other systemic symptoms should have brucellosis considered in the differential diagnosis. A high index of suspicion is required for prompt diagnosis and appropriate treatment.Cancer risk due to occupational exposure to mercury in three Tanzanian artisanal gold miners. Three artisanal gold miners from Bagamoyo town, Tanzania, were employed to examine the health hazards of mercury exposure in the Tanzanian gold mining sector. The study population consisted of 47 males and 30 females. Thirty-seven of the 37 mercury miners were exposed to gold puddling/pulping and smelting processes, and 30 of the 30 non-miners, who worked in an adjacent section, were exposed to mercury-containing residues from food processing, as well as a high occurrence of bacteria-resistant sulphide minerals, and skin lesions. The mean urinary mercury concentrations were 10.8 micrograms/l (min 7.3, max 34.0), 8.5 micrograms/l (min 5.1, max 16.8), and 10.8 micrograms/l (min 3.6, max 29.9) for the artisanal mercury miners, and 7.4 micrograms/l (min 3.5, max 17.2) for the non-mercury miners. The mean annual age-adjusted cancer risk in the three artisanal mercury miners was three times higher than that in the non-mercury miners (P




English Conversation With Tamil Meaning Pdf

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